Real Fires

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Real fires have been with us since the cave man days, but with evolution come efficient fires! Most properties with a class one chimney can have a real subject to HETAS recommendations & building regulations. Hetas is the official body recognised by government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services. So you can rest assured that you will get the right appliance for your needs & fitted correctly.


Basket Fires

This type of fire is suited to larger fireplace openings. There are various sizes & styles to suit most fireplace & room settings. These types of fire are not very efficient and may require added ventilation to comply with current regulation

Inset Fires

Usually 16” or 18” wide with refractory fire back which helps radiate heat and are unique & common to Britain & Ireland. This type of fire consist of a taper grate and ash pan Inset Convector Fires: These clever designs combine all the looks of an open fire but with better efficiency of approx. 50%. This is achieved by the fire’s design, a duel heating system which combines convected air, heated through a separate chamber, with a traditional radiant heat to create an exceptional heat output with the entire ambiance of an open fire.

Standing air losses can also be reduced as they have a damper mechanism that closes the down the flue opening when the fire is not in use. This should reduce the amount of cold air being drawn down and warmth being lost up the chimney when not in use. They are mainly all inset models ranging from a 16″ to fit into an existing fireplace to a mammoth 41″