Bespoke Pergolas

The system provides you a method of easily constructing Pergolas. We offer a series of brackets to aid with the construction of your Pergola, as well as a collection of 6, easy-to-build kits. You just need to provide wood! You can easily build Pergolas, Pagodas, Gazebos and other outdoor structures.

The brackets allow you to easily construct corner joins and straight joins, as well as options for mounting posts to the ground, strengthening any joins, adding rafters and roofing or even just adding sun shades or canopies.

This is unique to the UK market, and we have designed this ourselves in the UK. We make all of these brackets out of durable British Galvanised Steel to ensure a strong Pergola, Pagoda, Gazebos and other outdoor structures can be built. Alternatives to these systems only exist abroad and can cost you up to $100 per bracket!…

Feel free to ask a member of staff to assist you further with your project.