Kamado Divide and conquer system.

The Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System for your Kamado Grill unlocks what your Kamado can do because the half rack design allows you to cook different foods on different levels giving you the ultimate control.

This is the best accessory you can buy for your Kamado and consists of two half moon stainless steel grills which can be used together to create a full size additional cooking grill or split over two levels to offer different height cooking areas for your food plus two half moon ceramic cooking stones ideal as heat deflectors or can be used as a pizza stone or additional cooking level. Including a top accessory rack so you can reinstate your original cooking grill provides three tiers of cooking area at the same time.

The system comprises of:
1. Stainless Steel Framework.
2. Two half moon stainless steel cooking grids.
3. Two half moon ceramic cooking plates.
4. Top accessory rack.