Ortal Clear 75 RS / LS

Flue Type:  Balanced Flue

Dimensions:   W 775 x H 628 x D 440 (mm) Window H 480 x W 690 x D 372

Control Type:  Remote control as standard

Heat Output:  6 kw/hr.

Efficiency:  86%

Description:  The Ortal Clear is designed to fit into a room corner (left or right hand side), and has a true-to-life log fire display set against an interior of black.  It is a balanced flue gas fire which enables the fire to be installed without the need for a traditional chimney.  The heat output of this remarkable gas fire is 6 kw, enough for a bigger than average living room and has an extraordinary efficiency rating of 86%.   It is operated by remote control, which includes a room temperature display.  To complete the picture, we can provide custom-made cabinets, elevated hearths and false chimney breasts.

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