Ortal Tunnel Fires

Flue Type:  Balanced Flue


Widths From: 525 to 2065  Heights From: 504 to 980 and Depth 430 (mm)

Control Type:  Remote control as standard

Heat Output:  6 to 13 kw/hr.

Efficiency:  85%

Description:  Ortal have a huge range of double sided tunnel style balanced flue fires, sizes range from a compact 430 mm wide all the way up to a 2m.  Special size versions like the image are available as a special order.  Create a stunning look in two rooms but using one fire, dual line burners and double glazed glass are some of the options available and various fireplace designs can be built around the fire. Our staff can help in the design of the overall fireplace design and the balanced flue route.

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