Rutland Open Convector

Flue Type:  Class 1 – Min 7”

Dimensions:  W 673 x H 654 x D 350 (mm)

Description:  This clever fire combines all the looks of an open fire but with better efficiencies of approximately 50%, which is much better than basket fires or standard open fires.  The efficiency is achieved by the fire’s design, a duel heating system which combines convected air, heated through a separate chamber, with a traditional radiant heat to create an exceptional heat output with the entire ambiance of an open fire.  Standing air losses can also be reduced as the fire has a damper mechanism that closes the flue way down when the fire is not in use.  This should reduce the amount of cold air being drawn down and warmth being lost up the chimney when not in use.  They are mainly all inset models ranging from a 16″ to fit into an existing fireplace to a mammoth 41″ and even made to measure!! The fire shown in the picture is the Rutland 24” shown with our Alpine granite and limestone fireplace.

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