Chesney’s Swans Nest Basket

Dimensions:  sizes for basket only – (The dogs can make overall widths vary)
18″:  W 440 x H 165 x D 280 (mm)
24″:  W 590 x H 165 x D 320 (mm)
30″:  W 730 x H 165 x D 405 (mm)
36″:  W 900 x H 165 x D 415 (mm)

Description:  Probably the most recognisable basket of all time and range in size from 18” up to a whopping 36”.   The swans nest basket has been around for years, the dipped middle allows a good amount of logs to be stacked up.  The basket itself requires Dogs or Fire irons to raise the basket up. These come in various designs be it traditional or modern.

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