Inset Stoves

These appliances are designed to fit into the chimney breast. The inset stove has a convection box which has its own air gap it, so requires much less space than a free standing stove. Most free standing stoves require free air space around it to allow the radiant heat to disperse into the room. They can be great for smaller width chimney breasts.

Multi Fuel Stoves

A multi fuel stove is very similar to a wood burner in construction. The main difference is that the Multifuel has either a raised grate or grate bars and an ash pan. The raised fuel bed allows a stream of air to circulate underneath the fuel allowing complete combustion of the smokeless fuel. When choosing between a Multi fuel & a Wood burner consider your choice of fuel as smokeless fuels are manufactured of consistent quality and are available all year round.

Whereas good seasoned dry quality wood in some areas can be very seasonal – if you may run out of seasoned, dry hardwood before the end of the heating season, a multi fuel stove gives you the opportunity of burning a combination.

Wood Burning Stoves

A wood burner is very similar to multi fuel stove in construction, the main difference is that the wood burner will have a firebrick lining a flat fuel bed with a log retainer so a bucket and spade will be required when emptying. Wood burns best in at least an inch of its own ashes.

If you want to do your bit for the environment or help reduce your carbon footprint then a wood burner is a good start. Burning wood is carbon neutral because when burned as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth. As we all know it’s a renewable resource, especially when taken from cultivated woodland or plantations.

Electric Stoves

These electric stoves create an impressive focal point to any room without any fuss. Just simply plonk down and plug into a standard plug socket or hard wire into a fused spur. These electric stoves offer an alternative for people with homes without a chimney but still wanting the look. With all the stoves you can run the flame effect independently from the heat and if the heat is required, a flick of a switch or even hit that remote and instant 1 or 2kw of heat will be blown into the room, perfect for a cosy night in front of your fire.

Gas Stoves

A gas stove is a great choice in today’s hectic lifestyle. You can get all of the looks of a real wood burner or Multi-fuel stove but without any of the fuss. No chopping logs, emptying ash, scooping dirty coal. Gas stoves simply switch on and switch off. They have all the benefits of the high efficiency & looks but hassle free.