At Chiswell Fireplaces we have a range of stunning fires which don’t require a chimney. Whilst the younger members of your family may worry about how Father Christmas is going to make his grand entrance every year, we’re sure you’ll be delighted to know that the fireplace of your dreams is still possible regardless of whether you have a chimney or not.

Our incredibly realistic looking gas fires come with a number of options; it is possible to have a catalytic convertor which makes the fumes safe to breathe however at Chiswell we recommend choosing either a balanced flue gas fire or fan powered gas fire which expel the fumes through a hole in an external wall keeping the air fresh and safe to breathe.

These fires come in a variety of styles from traditional through to contemporary and make a fabulous feature in any room. Most are operated by remote control.

Decorative or functional

Whilst some of these fireplaces are purely aesthetic, others provide a great source of heat. Many people choose to install a fire purely to enhance the look of a room but it can also make financial sense.

Having a fireplace in the main living area means that the central heating can be turned down (or even off) whilst the family are gathered in the lounge. This saves having to heat the entire house and can significantly cut down on heating bills.

Of course the whole house might not be able to benefit from your lovely warm fireplace and our friends over at The Radiator Centre however have a number of efficient radiator solutions for around the home to help you further save on your heating bills.

At Chiswell Fireplaces we can advise you what sort of fireplace would work best for your property and we can also manage the entire project from conception to completion. So why not take a look at the many options available – we’ve got something to suit all tastes and budgets (including traditional open fires especially for Father Christmas!)