Are you the kind of homeowner who craves a balance between practicality and panache in your home décor? If so, the layout of your lounge will be of considerable interest.

As the room where you’ll spend a significant amount of your leisure time and likely entertain your guests, it’s important to strike upon a design that immediately captures your attention.

A media wall can do that. Far more than simply a mounted television, a professionally installed media wall will instantly draw the eye towards it, often by incorporating an electric fire alongside a substantial screen.

At the same time, the concealment of unsightly cables and wires is all part of the package, providing a neat and tidy focal point for the room.

Here are 10 examples of media walls installed by Chiswell Fireplaces. Take inspiration for your version of this stunning centerpiece, and contact us to start the ball rolling on your new-look lounge today!

Statement Lighting Media Wall

The design concept revolves around harmonising contrasting elements to create a balanced and visually striking media wall.

The design achieves a harmonious just a position of warmth and minimalism by dividing the wall vertically into two distinct sections – one adorned with strip wood and the other with a plain white texture. This division serves as a canvas for integrating statement lighting, enhancing the overall ambience and functionality of the space.

Games room glamour

What’s a games room for if not relaxing and revelling? This floor-to-ceiling media wall is the perfect addition to this games room, with the 75” television taking pride of place above an elegant, 1,500mm three-sided fire.

The surrounding unit has a refined Venetian plaster finish in a richly dark tone of grey, complementing the classical foundations laid by the marble-effect flooring.

Textured transformation

The textured wall behind this sophisticated unit accentuates its finest features, ably assisted by the bulkheads and spotlights that surround it. The unit itself contains a 1,500mm three-sided fireplace below a 65” TV, providing a clear point of focus for the gorgeously modern living room arrangement.

The unit comes in an understated shade of grey, while the MDF panelling structure and all-in-one build, plastering and electrics package help to keep costs competitive.

Ashen attraction

The delicate blend of grey tones and varying textures in this media wall bring the whole room to life. The darker hues of the tiled hearth work as a pleasing contrast to the dancing flames of the 1,500mm fire above them, while the softer, ashy tones of the unit itself frame the 55” television perfectly.

The grey textured brickwork behind and the plush carpet underfoot combine to make this a perfect study in the power of this versatile colour.

In the mood for media

The striking attributes of this living room design are emphasised by the mood lighting at its heart. The effect is achieved via a slight tilt of the 65” television screen, allowing for an atmospheric glow to seep from behind it and into the room.

Below, the 1,300mm front-facing fire offsets the cool blue above with its fiery tones, creating a harmonious atmosphere that welcomes as it warms. All aspects of the job were again handled by Chiswell Fireplaces and the installation was completed in one session.

Cornered combustion

This innovative design dispenses with the idea of a single unit, instead making use of the full span of the wall to make its statement. The two-sided corner fire allows for multi-angled views of the inferno inside, while the tower of logs adjacent complete the cosy effect.

Indeed, the warmth which the ensemble exudes is especially complementary in a room dominated by wintry whites and greys, while the wall-mounted TV provides a fitting focal point for this snug living room setting.

Classical charisma

The marble effect on this eye-catching unit imparts classical antiquity to its surroundings that would befit Ancient Rome or Greece. With the three-sided 1,500mm fire and the ample screen of the 55” recessed TV bringing further dignity to the room, it’s a set-up that’s guaranteed to inspire assurance in the homeowner and awe in their guests.

Wintry allure

This homeowner has chosen an all-white unit which sits flush with the wall behind, creating a seamless aesthetic into which the 55” TV and 1,500mm three-sided fire sit perfectly.

It’s a quite dazzling sight which works exceptionally well with the rest of the room’s décor; white panelling on the walls and soft grey hues on the carpet are picked out with angular precision by the shards of light thrown by the chandelier overhead.

Sophisticated and superior

This breath-taking living room media wall combines the latest in state-of-the-art technology with a truly premium design to achieve an effect that perfectly balances flair and finesse.

A 75” television sits directly above a fitted soundbar, while below, the 1,800mm fire is of such generous proportions and graceful poise that it will invariably turn heads. The whole unit is Alexa compatible and comes equipped with adjustable ambient lighting, resulting in a rare specimen.

App-controlled inferno

This imposing unit projects into the room with confidence, housing a 55” TV and three-sided hearth that’s 1,500mm in length.

Best of all, however, is the manner in which the fire functions; by downloading an app, the homeowner can adjust the heat levels (and the visual impact) in the living room with the merest touch of a button. Ambient lighting fitted in the surround of the screen completes the futuristic fancies of this modern media wall.