Marble Fireplaces

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Our marble fireplace surrounds come in either natural marble or the engineered micro grain marble and can be fitted with gas, electric or real fires.

Natural Marble

Natural marble is cut straight from the earth and is formed from rock formed over millions of years.  There are many characteristics to natural marble depending on the region of its origin, any marbles have coloured veins, intermingled with fossils of plants and animal life all add to the individuality of the wonderful material.  To find blooms, lighter or darker veins and other unique features are not considered defects but are part of the natural beauty the earth brings.  No two pieces of natural marble will be the same, we have samples in the showroom to give a guide to the various colour and feature however, the end product will come different to the sample shown.

Micro grain Marbles

Micro grain marble is a manmade engineered marble which is manufactured by crushing up natural marble pieces (between 96-98%) compacting them together with resin glue.  Once set, it is cut and polished using the same methods as natural marble, this process allows the marble to become more consistent in colour.  It is a great alternative if you are worried about random veins or colour variations.

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