As part of the trends forecasted for 2023, we see a revolution in TV or media walls that incorporate fireplaces. Media walls that are tasteful, classy, and sleek. In this article, we discuss the future of modern media walls in a contemporary and avant-garde home.

What Is a Media Wall?

A media wall incorporates the latest tech trends into your interior design and allows you to integrate features that would otherwise disrupt the flow of your interior. Televisions, games consoles, and music systems can overshadow an interior when they’re added as an afterthought but, with a bespoke media wall, you can create a cohesive contemporary design that combines the latest tech with your preferred interior trends.

Are Media Walls Here to Stay?

Absolutely. Our lives are becoming increasingly tech-oriented, which means foregoing devices in favour of design is no longer an option. Of course, savvy interior design means that tech doesn’t need to dominate your living space either.

Whether you’re a household of Netflix fans, avid gamers, or music aficionados, a custom media wall allows you to create a bespoke feature that complements your interior design choices while tastefully integrating all of the tech devices and add-ons you need to function in a digital world.

As technology becomes more embedded in our homes and workspaces, we’re seeing an uptick in demand for modern TV fireplace wall unit designs, and you can certainly expect contemporary media walls to be a popular feature for a long time to come.

Media Wall Trends and Features

A bespoke TV and fireplace wall gives you an opportunity to design a unique feature that reflects your property’s character and interior. Here, we take a look at some of the latest modern fireplace TV wall trends to give you inspiration for your own design:

Frameless Fireplaces and TVs

If you want to seamlessly integrate media devices into your living space, a media wall with an inset television and fireplace could be the perfect choice. This means both the TV and fireplace will be recessed into the wall itself, ensuring a smooth, level finish on the surface of your TV fireplace wall.

As well as creating an impressive visual effect, frameless media walls are a great option if you want to prevent tech from becoming a dominant feature in your living space or if you want to maximise space in smaller rooms. Even the latest flatscreen televisions can protrude by inches when mounted to the wall, but a media wall featuring a frameless fireplace and TV ensures you can enjoy a sleek and stylish feature wall in any space.

Three-Sided Fireplace TV Wall

Sometimes known as ‘bay’ or ‘peninsula’ fireplaces, these styles are a fantastic addition to any contemporary modern fireplace TV wall. Featuring glass on three sides, you can enjoy the cosy view of your fireplace from virtually any vantage point and create a unique visual impact.

If your media wall is going to be a primary feature in the room, a protruding wall partition can be a savvy way to maximise available space for tech devices. This mimics a traditional chimney hearth but adds a modern feel and also creates the perfect space for a contemporary three-sided fireplace.

Offset Fireplace Media Wall

Many media walls feature built-in fires with a TV above, but this isn’t the only option when you’re designing a bespoke media wall. Instead of positioning a television directly above a modern fireplace, why not install the fireplace below the TV, either to the left or the right?

This asymmetry can be hugely advantageous in interior design and will draw the eye to an additional feature, thus making the space seem larger. Another great benefit associated with an offset fireplace media wall is the extra space you’ll gain for tech devices and/or storage.

An offset fireplace media wall is particularly well-suited for larger spaces, so, if you’ve got a large, expansive wall that’s dominating the room, consider how an offset fireplace media wall could increase its character, functionality, and visual appeal.

Hidden TV and Fireplace Wall

If you want to enjoy the latest tech without making it a core component of your interior design, a ‘hidden media’ wall could be the perfect choice. Here, you’ll keep TVs and screens out of sight, essentially hidden behind decorative coverings. You may want to create the appearance of cupboard doors, custom artwork, or natural wood, for example, and keep modern appliances hidden while they’re not in use.

With the touch of a button, your media wall comes to life, bringing tech to the fore and allowing you to enjoy the latest boxset, your favourite album, or the newest game release. Depending on your preference, your contemporary fireplace can also be discreetly hidden while not in use or remain on show to enhance your interior design and showcase your style.

Room Dividing Media Wall

People often assume that a fireplace and TV wall has to be created using an external wall, but this isn’t the case at all. In fact, adding an interior media wall can be a highly effective way of ‘zoning’ an open-plan space and optimising the functionality and ambience of the room.

Perhaps you want to separate living and dining areas in an open-plan space without creating two separate rooms, or maybe you want to make an expansive room feel cosier and more intimate? With a bespoke room dividing media wall, it’s easy to achieve the look and feel you’re after.

What’s more – having access to all four sides of the wall allows you to push design boundaries and use the space to incorporate additional features, such as log stores, extra screens, four-sided fireplaces, or shelving.

Designing a Bespoke Media Wall

Choosing the perfect fireplace to complement your bespoke media wall is made easier with Chiswell Fireplaces. We will create your media wall from scratch to your vision, ensuring a perfect blend of style and functionality.

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