Aduro 1-1


An Aduro stove is a type of wood-burning stove known for its modern design and advanced combustion technology. All of stoves are designed by a Danish manufacturer and are characterized by several features:

  • Convector Stove: Aduro stoves are convector stoves, which simply means they release heat through slots in the body, allowing for a more even distribution of warmth throughout the room.
  • Reduced Clearance: The design allows for a reduced distances from each of the stoves to the wall, which can be beneficial in rooms where space is limited
  • Aduro-tronic Air Control: This is a patent-pending system that automatically regulates the combustion air, ensuring economical fuel use and optimal efficiency
  • Variety of Models: Aduro offers a fantastic range of models, some of which are suitable for smoke-controlled areas and others that can take a direct air supply, making them ideal for well-insulated homes
  • Eco-Friendly: The stoves have high efficiency rates and are built to undergo vigerous quality checks, aligning with the environmental standards

With over 250,000 installations, and being recognized for their quality and efficiency, Whether you’re looking for a traditional wood-burning stove or a more contemporary design, Aduro stoves offer a blend of aesthetics and functionality to suit various needs and preferences

Fuel Type: Wood

Heat Output: 6KW

Defra Approved: No

Flue Dia: 152 (6″)

Height: 1015 (40″)

Width: 500 (20″)

Depth: 445 (17.5″)